• Alexis Stevens

A Brain Tumour and a Paint Brush

It’s funny how such a world crumbling conversation turned into a new talent, but I suppose many people find themselves in sim leather jackets!

I found out the devastating news I had an incurable brain tumour in April and instead of crying, my fiancé and I planned our wedding in three week…. I mean I did also do some crying, no one can blame me though!

I have worked in the wedding industry for ten years and that certainly helped the quick planning process. It did mean however a lot of things I had hoped for and the big day most brides dream of would be off the table. One thing I didn’t want to give up in though was a custom leather jacket. I knew I could get one made in three week so I decided to try my hand at my first jacket.


On our wedding day my goodness did it rain so hurrah for a jacket! The biggest hurrah was however, how happy I was with the outcome of the jacket. I even managed to pain a small portrait of Olive my Labrador. Little did I know at this stage she would soon become my inspiration for OliveInk.

despite the rain and the tumour (oh and covid too) I had the most fantastic, incredible day alongside my rock and husband, Arron.


Five days after saying ’I do’ I was whisked off to the John Radcliffe in Oxford for a 12 hour craniotomy. My incredible surgeon removed a fair chunk of the horror “Boris” but the journey was only just beginning. The journey of OliveInk and my journey with Boris.


OliveInk was born out of a brain tumour but is a labour of love

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