• Alexis Stevens

Vintage Upcycled Pheasant

When I first mentioned painting leather jackets I got a few funny looks, but along with a laugh my Mother-in-law gave me an old leather shooting jacket.

On December 25th she will unwrap her vintage shooting jacket once more, designed and painted, given a new lease of life and love.

as a farmers wife shooting and labradors are at the heart of her life. As you can see my little Olive the fox red Labrador is at the heart of my life and manages to creep into all photos!

I would never normally wear a client’s jacket but as it is mummy-in-law I am SURE she will not mind, in fact she will love the photos as much as the jacket!

For those eco conscious friends out there, repurposing a vintage piece is the perfect gift or way to incorporate a leather jacket into your life.

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